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150lbs. Resistance Tube Set (Pre order)

150lbs. Resistance Tube Set (Pre order)

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The all-new, FitandCo. resistance tube set. Get these limited bands which can be stacked up to 150 lbs. Yes, you got it right! Our resistance band set is a new design to meet the needs of the many for sturdier and stronger bands. The more resistance you get, the more progressive overload workout you can perform.

*** warranty not included (effective 2021)

*** Fitandco. dust bag not included, for pictorial purposes onlyYou'll get a plain black travel bag.

The set includes:

5X Resistance Tubes of different strength

2X Ankle Strap

2X Foam Handle

1X Door Anchor

1x Travel Carry Bag black

Resistance bands improve balance, strengthen isolated muscle groups, reduce the risk of injury, increase range of motion, and help with the rehabilitation of injury.

What are the benefits of a resistance band?

  • Adaptable for multiple fitness levels
  • Can be used for whole-body exercises
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Adds variety to workouts
  • Strengthens different muscle groups
  • Versatile and can be combined with other equipment

When can a resistance band be used?

  • During a warm-up
  • For tight muscles and cramping; before, during or after physical activity
  • For use in conjunction with rehabilitation and to complement physiotherapy treatment

Areas resistance bands can be used:

  • Lower limbs such as thighs, knees, ankles, feet
  • Upper limbs such as shoulders, arms, wrists, elbows

 Why do our physiotherapists recommend resistance bands?

“Resistance bands are great for stretching and strengthens different muscle groups. Resistance bands can be used for exercises for the feet, elbows, shoulders, knees and the middle back to help stabilize the joints.”


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